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Acquire your own custom artwork!

My works here are largely commissioned pieces.  I love capturing that sparkle in a beloved pet's eyes or the moods and beauty of Mother Earth.


Pet Portraits make awesome gifts!

It is such a wonderful gift to have such a heartwarming reminder of our pride and joy!

In order to create your pet portrait, I work from your photos or can come take them myself if you're close to where I live.  


So many choices....

I can create your pet portrait, landscape or favorite flowers on many different items with different mediums.  From pet portraits in oils, pen/ink, fabric painting, to landscapes burned into wood or engraved on glass, there are so many possibilities....

About Me

My Background


My mother was an artist and ingrained in me from as long as I can remember the joys of creating art.  Color and perspective 

were all second nature to me.  My father instilled the love and respect for nature and the rhythms 

 of the great outdoors. 

My early exposure in artistic areas ignited a never-ending quest

 for more ways to express my artistic genes. So I went to college at Western Kentucky University and earned my Bachelor of Fine Art Degree 

with a Commercial Art Option.

My husband and I moved to the top of a mountain in Tennessee on the Cumberland Plateau.  We have had a number of animals adopt us 

over the years and inspiration oozes in from every direction. 

Now I have taken my love of animals and nature and my love of so many different expressions of art 

and melted them into very personal works for others.  It seems fitting somehow.

My Medium

Engraving on glass

As you can see from the gallery, I work in several different styles.  Pet portraits can be in oils, or a less formal pen/ink/wash.  They also look lovely painted on fabric, like clothes or bags.  Flowers and birds lend themselves very well to glass engraving, or pyrography.

All these choices have different flavors, or moods, so we can discuss your preferences.

My Inspiration

Our dogs, cats, horses, as well as the wildlife here have all made their way into my wealth of inspiration.  Our back yard view is of a nature preserve and our home is on top of a mountain. 

Talk about inspiration!

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